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A meaningful brand transformation






TDC OpCo is now Nuuday. Nuuday is a family of 8 brands providing most of Denmark with TV, broadband, network, and telecommunication services.

They want to be at the forefront of providing technology services that matter to people and inspire our ways of working and decision-making, with the shared purpose of making sense of technology.

Nuuday imagery on a white flag. It depicts a thick rounded line fading from yellow to blue.
A picture of a presentation with the Nuuday Font.

Nuuday is ‘Good Rebels United’

A homage to daring and risk-taking, but always with a grounded and sincere purpose to do good in the world. The philosophy is both a strategic and cultural direction, but even more so, a challenge was given to Nuuday themselves. The design must support this challenge – to be honest, and rebellious and bring people together to pursue a greater purpose.

A double paged spread in a brochure, with minimalistic design. The Nuuday-font in white on black background.

The rising sun – every day is a nuu' day

A great concept can embrace and catalyse solutions and possibilities. To hit the right note, you need something intriguing. Bravery and Rebellion don't need aggression and chaos to thrive; on the contrary, it needs Comfort and Goodness. Our design concept takes great inspiration from the name: Nuuday – the new day. The feeling of waking up to an exciting and purposeful day.

An example of the new visual Nuuday identity, with the thick rounded line fading from yellow to blue on a white background. Black font saying "Hello".
The Nuuday colour palette: Yellow, green, blue, peach, lavender, teal, off white and brown.

A customizable dynamic solution of colours, typography and tags

A toolbox that inspires personal creation – in opposition to the generic rules and restraints that many corporate languages require. The design is created to develop, evolve and embrace the innovation of the united good rebels.

Presentation of the Nuuday font, named the NuuFont.

The circle to rule 'em all

Our tag, typography and all other elements are created by the transforming sun, bringing unity and alignment to the otherwise rebellious and friendly expression. Nuuday's custom-made font Nuu Type has 9 weights to look just right in any situation. The colors support our friendly and open expression.

The Nuuday logo, the thick rounded line fading from yellow to blue, and "nuuday" written in black Nuuday font.


  • Red Dot AwardsCorporate IdentityWinner2020