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Knowit Experience

About Knowit Experience

Knowit Experience crafts advanced digital services to connect people and brands, bringing meaningful shifts to organisations and people's lives.

Set up as a multi-disciplinary collective, combining strategy, marketing, design and technology to provide a full range of digital services, innovations and experiences.

Fields of expertise

Our way of working

We are equally thinkers and makers. Our mission is to connect humans and brands and thereby challenge the status quo, influence opinions and affect behaviour.


Our approach and work methods are based on the actual integration of specialists working in a non-linear fashion. This is achieved through four main capabilities: Strategy, design, technology, and marketing. When properly integrated, we move seamlessly and fast – between strategy and implementation, deep analysis and intuition, binary code and boundless creativity.

We think, make and repeat until we create a change



Brand Strategy
Digital strategy and transformation
Service development
Agile organizations
Customer experience strategy


Web and mobile design
Design systems
Brand identity
User experience
Customer journey


Digital service platform
Websites and applications
Mobile applications
Data platform and insights


Campaign creative
Performance marketing
CRM and marketing automation
Digital analytics

Let's get in touch

We were born in Stockholm, grew up across Scandinavia, and have worked for over a decade to grow a diverse community of talent you'll love to work with. Today, we can be found in Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden, counting over 1 000 employees. Want to hire us? Want to be employed by us? We'd love to hear from you!

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    • NameUrban Nyblom
    • OfficeStockholm
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    • NameJohanna Burström
    • OfficeGothenburg
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    • NameDavid Hindawi
    • OfficeMalmö
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    • NameJoakim Jormelin
    • OfficeNorrland
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    • NameFredrik Grahn
    • OfficeLinköping
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    • NameElin Ander-Dröschmeister
    • OfficeKarlstad
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    • NameFredrik Hansson
    • OfficeJönköping
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    • NameStig Olav Rognstad
    • OfficeOslo
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    • NameIdun Storm
    • OfficeBergen
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    • NameStine Reesen
    • OfficeCopenhagen
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    • NameMikkel Olesen
    • OfficeAarhus
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    • NameChrister Lybeck
    • OfficeHelsinki
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Together with our clients, Knowit Experience has been internationally recognised with the following awards and nominations:

  • Web Service AwardCommercialGöteborgsOperan2023
  • Funka Accessibility AwardsAccessibilityGöteborgsOperan2022
  • Umbraco AwardsBest Designed SiteGöteborgsOperan2021
  • ADC AwardsRebrandingGlamox2022
  • ADC AwardsLogoGlamox2022
  • Industrial Design ConferenceVisual identityGlamox2022
  • Red Dot AwardsCorporate DesignGlamox2022
  • The One ShowBrand IdentityGlamox2022
  • ADC AwardsBrand IdentityOslo Municipality2020
  • ADC AwardsFontOslo Municipality2020
  • Communication ArtsIntegrated BrandingOslo Municipality2020
  • D&ADDesign TransformationOslo Municipality2020
  • EDAwardsFontOslo Municipality2020
  • EDAwardsBrand IdentityOslo Municipality2020
  • Fast Company's InnovationCitiesOslo Municipality2020
  • Fast Company's InnovationGraphic DesignOslo Municipality2020
  • The Innovation Prize for Universal DesignGraphic DesignOslo Municipality2020
  • The One ShowGraphic DesignOslo Municipality2020
  • Transform Awards NordicsBest place or nation brandOslo Municipality2020
  • VisueltIdentity DesignOslo Municipality2020
  • VisueltIdentity – MotionOslo Municipality2020
  • VisueltSpatial DesignOslo Municipality2020
  • VisueltFontOslo Municipality2020
  • VisueltOpen CategoryOslo Municipality2020
  • Red Dot AwardsCorporate IdentityNuuday2020
  • Red Dot AwardsOnlineSMK Open2020
  • Clio AwardsVisual IdentityOslo Municipality2019
  • Creative Circle AwardDesign & Digital DesignSMK2019
  • DOGA AwardsAward for Design and ArchitectureOslo Municipality2019
  • EurobestBrand IdentityOslo Municipality2019
  • GullblyantenBrand IdentityOslo Municipality2019
  • Red Dot AwardsVisual IdentityOslo Municipality2019
  • ADC AwardsBrand and Communication DesignDOGA2018
  • ADC AwardsVisual IdentityDOGA2018
  • ADC AwardsLogoDOGA2018
  • ADC*E AwardsVisual IdentityDOGA2018
  • Cannes LionsDesign for Visual IdentityDOGA2018
  • Cannes LionsCraft for Visual IdentityDOGA2018
  • D&ADLogoDOGA2018
  • German Design AwardsVisual IdentityDOGA2018
  • The One ShowVisual IdentityDOGA2018
  • The One ShowLogoDOGA2018
  • EurobestVisual IdentityDOGA2017
  • EurobestLogoDOGA2017
  • GullblyantenIdentity DesignDOGA2017
  • VisueltIdentity DesignDOGA2017
  • Red Dot AwardsBrand DesignDOGA2017
  • Swedish Design AwardsMobile AppLiseberg2019
  • Swedish Design AwardsBest DesignLiseberg2018