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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This website is owned and managed by Knowit Experience AB, a part of the Knowit AB Group.

The following privacy policy is limited to this website,
See Knowit's extended privacy policy for more information on how we handle privacy in Knowit.

This website only uses necessary cookies to collect behavioural data to improve our web application and user experience. We use this information to identify patterns in user behaviour, understand how users interact with our application, and identify areas that need improvement.

This is done using Piwik Pro, and our configuration is with the strictest privacy policies. You can read more about this on how to collect data in a privacy-friendly way with Piwik PRO.

In short, the data is collected by session length cookies, which are temporary and only stored on your device until you close your browser. They do not collect any personal information, they are not used to track your online activity outside of this web application, and are not shared with any third-party companies or organizations. The data collected is anonymized, meaning that it does not include any information that can identify you.

If you have any questions about our privacy policy or the way we handle your data, please contact us at