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Putting the “u” in the amusement park. A new pretty website is seldom the solution, even if that’s the task from the client. An amusement park should be able to bridge the physical experience to the digital. And that’s what we did for Liseberg.

An illustration of a great carousel with airborn seats. The carousel is golden and decorated, the sky is blue.
Both a phone and a laptop showing the Liseberg front page.
A laptop showing the Liseberg website for planning your trip.

Digitalizing Sweden’s most extensive amusement park experience

Shifts often require challenging the norm. They happen when we insist on making what the client needs, not just what they’re asking from us.

Take the Liseberg amusement park project. Working in close collaboration internally and with Liseberg, we created a long-term plan for their digital operations and put the user experience at the forefront. The outcome was a new website and holistic digital ecosystem that brought the amusement park experience to millions of people.

Liseberg's Helix roller coaster ride going down a hill. The ride's carriage upside down
Two phones showing the Liseberg app, minimalistic with big images and little text.
Three phones showing different events in the Liseberg app.

Like Jenny from the block, we went from a little to a lot

The starting point? The client, Liseberg, wanted us to build a new website. Our starting point? To construct a user-centric experience.

And we quickly realized that Liseberg needed much more than a simple website renewal. They needed to shift their perspective from short-term fixes to long-term solutions, from a stand-alone website to a holistic experience.

A laptop showing the website for a specific Liseberg ride, with information on availability, requirements and location.
A photo showing two people on a ride crashing through water. The people are smiling and excited.
A phone showing a ticket with a QR code for admission to a ride.

Putting 7 million users at the centre of the design

It would've been easy to say sure, let's just revamp the website. Put a little paint on it, make it look nice. But that's not us.

We wanted to create an experience that connects the digital to the physical. An experience that brings the amusement park into the digital space. And that would require, as often is the case, more focus on addressing user needs.

Precious experiences are rooted in understanding user needs and translating how the business operates to meet those needs. The chosen technical platform also plays an essential role as it offers flexibility for whatever future needs Liseberg (and their visitors) might have.

So, our diverse team started by mapping out key activities and behaviours, which led us to a set of personas that helped guide the project from design to development. In close collaboration, we created a long-term plan that would help maintain the new experience at a consistently high level even after the website's launch.

An iphone is shown with Liseberg app on it and the virtual queue screen
Liseberg's new area Luna park's roller coaster Tempus at night with stars in the sky

Many rides, one experience

No matter how Liseberg’s services are accessed by who and where the experience is seamless. From the website to the app and beyond, it was all the same Liseberg experience, tailored to their customers.

In return, they saw a 25% increase in revenue and 26% more users.

Liseberg got some great business benefits, we got to be part of a fun project, but best of all, we made it much easier for park visitors to enjoy the Liseberg experience.

Some quick stats about the project

25% increase in revenue

26% increase in users

49% increase in mobile shop usage

7 million website users

  • Swedish Design AwardsAppGold2019
  • Swedish Design AwardsBest DesignSilver2018