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eQ Real Estate is one of Finland's most prominent commercial property owners, with over 200 properties and over 1 million square meters of rental space. The new brand was designed to be stylish, innovative, and forward-looking, representing eQ Real Estate as a trustworthy and responsible owner.

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A wide, round window. A person is sitting backlit in the window sill, looking out. A child is standing on the side, also looking out.
A phone showing the EQ Haku app interface.
A detailed image of the EQ Haku search bar.
A photo of an office. We see office spaces from a bright hallway with glass walls and big windows.

eQ Real Estate wants to offer customers an easy process for renting commercial spaces. From these starting points, the idea of a strong premises service concept, eQ Haku (eQ Search), was refined: a modern and high-level online service that enhances rental operations and customer experience. The concept was built on a straightforward, friendly communication method and an easily approachable search function.

A photo of a social space. A white sofa is in the middle of the room, a wide, round lamp above. Padded work capsules can be seen behind it.
White buttons with a variety of the EQ Haku iconography.
The EQ Haku logo shown in blue on a white button.
An illustration of the EQ Haku font, dark blue on bright blue background.

The design phase was carried out in themed workshops, and the implementation phase was in sprints. A multidisciplinary team was involved in the design and implementation phase and together managed to create intuitive user paths for the site. As a result, once the site went live, it immediately started generating leads.

The further development of the site is very data-driven. We provide the client with continuous data and analytics services and base the design decisions on insights made from data. We established close working methods with the customer mainly through weekly meetings.

Presentation of the EQ Haku colour palette.
A screenshot of the EQ Haku website.
A photo of bright furniture. Chairs and tables are bathed in sunlight through a window, the wall is adorned with plants.
A doctor is talking to a parent and a child. The image is bright, the doctor in scrubs.

Since eQ Haku was rebranded (including the name), we needed a new domain. Because of this, it took some time to get the organic traffic to the same level as before, but now after eight months, we’ve reached the same level, and the number of visits has been growing steadily month by month. We’ve done a lot of work on eQ Haku’s SEO and getting good results.

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Google’s “Best Practices” score:


desktop and mobile

The new site is a considerable improvement when compared to the old one, according to Google’s Performance and Accessibility metrics.

The EQ Haku logo in white on black background. "EQ" is encapsulated in a circle, "Haku" is written in custom font.