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Paving the way. For an equal society.


FFO, Funksjonshemmede Fellesorganisasjon


Brand Identity




Knowit Experience Oslo

One in every six people in Norway has a disability. FFO are their umbrella organization. FFO and Knowit has overhauled their identity, positioning, and digital presence as a leading force for inclusivity and equality.



Leveling disparities is not a simple journey from A to B. It comes with a price. And FFO leads the charge in this battle, with 88 memer organizations with nearly 400,000 members. But they needed a clearer voice. Our goal was to develop a brand and online platform that actually resonated with FFO's mission and position. To champion a barrier-free society and assert the rights and opportunities for people with disabilities. Paving the way for an equal society.

The rebranding needed to unify FFO's message both internally amongst member organizations and externally to the broader public, including policymakers, politicians, and the society at large.


Strategic Decisions

Many people found FFO unclear. It was hard to get a grip on what they did and why they did it. On top of that, they struggled with information overload. Their web page had over 6000 unique URLs and lots of identical content. All of this needed to change to make them known as Norway’s largest and most influential umbrella organization in this field. And change it did. Knowit introduced a streamlined, powerful branding toolkit. Reamped their position in the market as a more confident market leader, inclusive design principles, strong visuals and cross-theme recognizability. The key element includes a versatile grid based system for creating diverse paths for paving the way.

It also has a minimalistic color palette led by “Blilla” (a custom purple) and white. We also chose the Magnet font by Inga Plönning because of its readability and unique energy. We did rigorous user testing, including sessions with the Norwegian Association of the Blind and Knowit’s Accessibility panel, to ensure accessibility and user-friendliness.


Digital Transformation

We quickly saw that the website needed a complete restructuring because of navigation issues and information overload. The new website is designed from the ground up as a static web app. It emphasizes thematic content filtering, improved user experience, and significantly enhanced accessibility, achieving high scores in Lighthouse evaluations. This transformation not only streamlines content delivery. It also helps the environment as we have optimized performance and reduced CO2 emissions.



The rebranding and new positioning has significantly redefined FFO's identity and digital footprint. The visual and communicative overhaul, rooted in the concept of "paving the way" for equality, embodies FFO's commitment to inclusivity and its role as a vanguard for the rights of people with disabilities. The new unified brand voice and visionary persona are designed to better engage various stakeholders and amplify FFO's advocacy for equality, participation, and freedom.

In summary, FFO's strategic rebranding and digital revamp have set a new standard for organizational representation in the digital age, emphasizing a modern, inclusive, and effective approach to advocacy and community engagement.