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Apply or Die – applicants take control

Aiming to challenge traditionally standardised and mundane recruitment processes, Apply or Die is a recruitment gaming universe that allows applicants to experience their first encounter with Knowit Experience on their terms.

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Job seeking made fun

The demand for highly skilled professionals in development, design, analysis, and consulting remains consistently high. However, conventional recruitment processes are often seen as standardized and unengaging, requiring much effort from the applicant. Recognizing this, Knowit Experience aimed to infuse the recruitment process with playfulness and enjoyment while ensuring a positive initial impression of the company. Moreover, the application process sought to convey an inclusive and flexible work environment at Knowit Experience.

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The applicant takes control

The solution took the form of a gamified application experience called "Apply or Die," drawing inspiration from the video game universe of the 1980s. The primary objective was to reduce the barriers associated with application submissions while allowing the applicant to become more familiar with us.

By incorporating a gamified approach into an otherwise conventional and standardized application process, applicants are empowered to take control and actively engage in their own journey. This transformation of a traditionally standardized and mundane process into an enjoyable and playful experience showcases our commitment to innovation. The innovative solution not only benefits the applicants but also strengthens the relationship between Knowit Experience and its future employees.


An insight-driven process

Apply or Die is a comprehensive project that began with insights work, workshops, and interviews. Subsequently, leading to concept development, prototyping, and user testing. Throughout the process, focus on a holistic user experience, inclusivity, and secure handling and storage of personal data has been a consistent priority.



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