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DOGA, sustainable value through design and architecture




Visual identity

Digital design

Design and Architecture Norway – or DOGA – sought an entirely new identity. Together with Knowit Experience, they created a user-friendly, flexible and unifying identity, making municipal services more understandable to citizens.

DOGA logo as signage on a beige wall. The font is sans serif.
An example of DOGA business cards, with the DOGA colours and font.

DOGA is a merger between several national design and architecture institutions. They facilitate collaboration between practitioners and businesses and work to strengthen design and architecture's role in shaping Norway's future.

Example of the DOGA logo cut out and raised from paper invitations.

The highlight of DOGA’s visual identity is a new logo featuring four letters without a dominant focal point. The letters act as visual cornerstones, naturally creating shape and substance depending on the point of view.

Screenshots of the DOGA webpage on different devices: A desktop computer, a phone and a tablet.
An example of DOGA awards packaging. A square cardboard box with the DOGA interface, and a glass cube award with DOGA written in gold.
A photo of the DOGA logo being used in an art exhibition.

DOGA represents various design and architecture disciplines. This is reflected in a dynamic logo, adapting to digital formats and, where motion is possible, in 3D physical structures and 2D and printed materials. A digital logo maker was created, making it easier to design new logos with an infinite range of views. The isometric perspective was chosen to maintain a clean typographic look. As a result, the visual identity appears organic and dynamic – appropriate for a sector in transformation.

An example of the DOGA signage on a roof. The letters are standing upright in the established DOGA formation.
A photo of the DOGA building with the DOGA logo on the facade.

+23% unique web visitors

+90% web searches

+49% organic social sharing

+15% submissions to DOGA Awards

Example of the DOGA logo and design on paper stationary.


  • ADC AwardsBrand and Communication DesignBest of Discipline2018
  • ADC AwardsVisual IdentityGold2018
  • ADC AwardsLogoSilver2018
  • ADC*E AwardsVisual Identity SIlver2018
  • Cannes LionsDesign for Visual IdentityFinalist2018
  • Cannes LionsCraft for Visual IdentityFinalist2018
  • D&ADLogoWood Pencil2018
  • German Design AwardsVisual IdentityWinner2018
  • The One ShowVisual IdentitySilver2018
  • The One ShowLogoSilver2018
  • EurobestVisual IdentityGold2017
  • EurobestLogoBronze2017
  • GullblyantenIdentity DesignGold2017
  • VisueltVisual IdentityGold2017
  • Red Dot AwardsBrand DesignWinner2017